5 Tips for the Greatest Listing Presentation of Your Life

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Okay, our headline might be an exaggeration, but really, listing presentations are your introduction to potential new clients, and we’ve got five tips for one that makes an impression.


When it comes to recruiting new clients for your real estate business, there is arguably no more important step than the listing presentation. Practically a job interview with potential home sellers, the listing presentation is your chance to show the sellers why you deserve their business – or in more colloquial terms, why you’re awesome!

So with that in mind, here are five tips for delivering a terrific listing presentation to potential clients:

1. Stage the presentation effectively – It’s useful to think of your listing presentation as a performance. Though you are by no means pretending for the sellers, you are essentially choreographing all your skills and attributes into a presentation, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re utilizing the proper venue for your presentation. That means having the consultation in an intimate setting, such as the dining room or kitchen table. You’ll definitely want to avoid the living room or family room, where things will be far too casual and loose.

2. Use technology! – Use it. ‘Nuff said! Though print is not quite dead, handouts and spreadsheets will obviously lack the punch of a detailed PowerPoint presentation, or, even better, a Keynote presentation on your iPad involving facts and graphs that the potential client cycles through at their own pace.

3. Don’t cut to the price – Though the sellers will likely be thinking of the selling price when they talk to you, do not start your presentation with your thoughts on the listing price. Your listing presentation is about you, not the listing’s price, and why you are the right person for the job. After the sellers become your clients and sign on, then you can discuss the price of the listing.

4. Arrive fully armed with testimonials and facts – Never let the sellers take your word for it on how awesome you are. Come prepared with detailed testimonials and facts about your business, including time on market and how closely your sale price adheres to the original listing price. Such information is golden for potential clients.

5. Show them what makes you unique – Demonstrate and explain to the sellers what you’ll do with their listing that other agents will not. Provide examples of past listings, and show how effective your strategies on social media, marketing, etc. ultimately were. And of course, have the facts and data handy that quantify your successes.

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