5 Steps to Reclaim Time Wasted on Social Media

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Social media can be overwhelming if taken in all at once; the trick is a narrow focus on stapled concepts.

In a study by the Altimeter Group, only 34 percent of businesses feel their social strategy is connected to business outcomes. That results in what I refer to as unsuccessful random acts of social media marketing.

The time you invest in planning will be saved many times over in implementation. When you identify a focus, you create more capacity within your time invested to create results.

Want to make sure you never waste time on social media again? Follow these simple steps to create a social media plan, and cease unsuccessful random acts.

1. Tie business goals to social media – Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? Grow your email list? Attract blog readers? With 90 percent of all real estate buyers using the Internet to search for home, you want to drive audience to an online hub that you will update consistently.

2. Identify your primary audience – The answer “anyone buying or selling a home” is exactly what overwhelms, resulting in more unsuccessful random acts. Identify a niche. It doesn’t mean you will exclude other leads, but provides you the opportunity to brand yourself and establish thought leadership with your community.

Do you love helping first-time homebuyers, or do you prefer empty nesters moving onto their dream home? Are you an expert in a particular suburban neighborhood, or a pro at navigating city living? Define your ideal client, and your target audience will appear.

3. Find their social channels – There are many studies on the social media habits of various demographics. Here is one great resource from Pew Internet that may facilitate your research.

This infographic is a great breakdown to identify how to successfully content market toward your ideal audience:

4. Pick a channel – Yes, I said “a” social media channel. The idea that you must be “everywhere” is simply an argument for procrastination. Start with a focus, and get comfortable at it. When you find it taking less time, expand your social media portfolio.

5. Identify metrics to measure success – Identify quantifiable metrics that will show you are on the path to success. Measure those at least monthly to test and recharge your strategy.

Block an hour in your calendar this week to map out these steps. You’ll feel more organized and ready to post with confidence! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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