Keller Williams Launches a Rebranding Campaign for 30th Anniversary

by Natalie Terchek


Keller Williams is launching an international rebranding campaign, featuring a redesigned logo and brand identity.

Keller Williams Realty is launching an international rebranding campaign, featuring a redesigned logo and brand identity, just in time to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The company will immediately begin rolling out the new branding across its platforms, products and tools, including its proprietary marketing system, eEdge, and its new mobile app, which powers more than 90,000 agent-branded real estate search apps – one for each of its agents.

“We’re introducing the world to the next evolution of Keller Williams,” CEO Mark Willis said. “We have always been an industry thought leader, a maverick, and we want our entire identity to reflect that.”

Keller Williams Emphasizes “Agents-First” Philosophy in New Campaign

The new logo is a simpler, sleeker design than the former logo, and it is designed that way on purpose. According to Ellen Curtis, executive director of marketing and communications, the new logo was designed to be in alignment with the brand philosophy that founder Gary Keller instilled in the company: “We stand behind our agents, not in front of them.”

“[The new logo] lets our agents shine, meaning it’s a complement, not competition, to the brands our agents choose to build for themselves,” she said. “We also believe it’s a look that will resonate with today and tomorrow’s homebuyers and sellers and reinforce our agents’ position as forward-thinking, sophisticated and tech-savvy.”

The Keller Williams marketing team discussed and worked on the new marketing campaign for over a year, and are very excited about the results. Although there were no issues with the former Keller Williams logo, Curtis explains that the new one is able to bring out messages and needs that the old one couldn’t do as effectively.

“While we loved our first logo, every brand has to evolve to meet the changing needs of its partners and its clients,” she said. “It was time for a refresh. When our original logo was designed 30 years ago, there were no responsive websites, no mobile apps, no Twitter avatar, no Facebook cover image. Today, because of all these new mediums, a simpler, modular, more flexible approach is called for. Our new branding allows for that.”

While the new logo emphasizes an “agents-first” philosophy, the idea itself is not new. Keller Williams does not use any stock photography to represent their associates, which means they only use real Keller Williams associates in their marketing campaigns.

“It’s important to us to highlight their success,” Curtis said. “We succeed through them, and they are the brand.”

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