Viewpoints: Derek Boles, Realtor, Jammer Realty, Houston

by James McClister


Derek Boles is a Realtor with Jammer Realty working in Houston.

Every week, we ask a Houston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top three stories from the week before. This week, we spoke with Derek Boles, a Realtor with Jammer Realty. 

Houston Agent (HA): A predictive report from the Urban Land Institute named Houston as the No. 1 city for investor prospects in the U.S. Have you noticed this trend, and if so, what do you think is driving investor interest?

Derek Boles (DB): Yes, I have. The addition of Generation Park, the new amusement park that’s underway, and Exxon’s new campus are all contributing factors. Low cost of living paired with big city life has made Houston an attractive place for people to flock to from all over the country. Lease properties are in such high demand for new settlers and those who can’t commit to a particular end of town long term, that investors have begun stockpiling homes to hold as solid investments for years to come.

HA: A recent feature discussed the importance of staying in contact with past clients who might later offer referrals or repeat business. How do you stay in touch with clients even after you’ve closed a deal?

DB: It’s important to attend housewarmings, acknowledge recent events and be available for new homeowner questions with your past clients. This builds a relationship that enables them to recommend you to the people in their immediate circle. The clients that I work with are well aware that I am available as a resource to them for years to come. I want to be the only Realtor that they ever work with from now until retirement.

HA: What do you think the Houston market will look like in 2015?

DB: The interesting thing about the market, is the future of it is anyone’s guess. I anticipate with the addition of our new attractions in Houston, both sales prices and inventory to both increase next year. Sellers will be increasingly pleased with the returns on their homes, but first time homebuyers will be paying significantly more for their starter homes then ever before.

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