4 ways the cloud can improve agents’ business

by James McClister


Approximately 80 percent of real estate’s top performing agents use the cloud, according to Austin-based real estate team The Eitel Group. It’s a testament to the technology that its application is nearly universal among the industry’s elite.

But what are they getting out of it?

  1. Independence – Operating on the cloud is so beneficial for agents because it allows users to access information from anywhere, on any device (i.e. phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smartwatch, etc.). It’s the only option for the mobile office, which is how most top-tier agents today choose to work – as the real money is made in the field.
  2. Collaboration – There is a lot of lone wolfing going on in real estate, but at some point in the careers of all top producers, there comes a time for collaboration. With the right technology, connecting and working together with other agents through the cloud can be seamless. It allows multiple sources to access, edit and share documents in real time, which is choice for strategizing or handling off-MLS listings.
  3. Security – The security of cloud storage has been the subject of vigorous debate since its popularization. However, the expert consensus is that the cloud is now one of the the safest options. In study by by technology company Infor, researchers wrote: “Cloud vendors typically offer a much higher level of data center and visual system security than most organizations can or will build on their own…The bottom line? Cloud-based computing is often more secure than on-premise computing for businesses. It’s like upgrading your data’s vault from a hotel safe to the Federal Reserve.”
  4. Scaling – In business size matters – especially in regards to technology. Imagine Coldwell Banker using a CRM designed for a small business, or a mom and pop brokerage trying to incorporate enterprise-level software. It’s like walking around in someone else’s shoes – they might protect your feet, but walking is tough and you look like an idiot. Scalability is one of the cloud’s defining characteristics, which is why it has proven so appealing to businesses in so many different industries. A brokerage (or real estate team) can easily scale up or scale down depending on current business needs. And as an industry that rises and falls with the seasons, the ability to rapidly expand or contract operations is paramount to efficiently managing resources.

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