Do not worry – rising mortgage rates are not the end of the world

The news sounds bad: mortgage rates have risen aggressively since the presidential election, and are now at their highest level since July 2015; for the first week in December, rates posted the largest weekly jump since 2013; and the Federal

Houston’s new construction market returns to life in spectacular fashion

The Houston new construction market showed welcome signs of life last month, according to research from Dodge Data & Analytics. In October, Houston saw more than $895 million in total residential construction spending, a most welcome 20 percent increase from Oct. 2015. However, year-to-date construction spending

The 3 trends that will define housing’s future

The cliche goes that the devil is in the details, and in no sector of the economy is that adage more appropriate than housing, where many slow moving, nearly imperceptible trends gather momentum outside the mainstream’s gaze – and then 20

The savings gap – why fewer Americans can buy homes

According to the 2016 Profile of Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors, 61 percent of all homebuyers used their savings to cover their down payment, while among first-time buyers, the share was even higher at 76

The 7 things your buyer clients are looking for in homes

There are many things a homebuyer considers when looking through the stock of available residences. New or used? Single family or condo? Near or far? Helping us sift through those options is NAR’s 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and

Mortgage denial rates remain shockingly unequal across racial lines

The mortgage denial disparity remains as wide as ever across racial lines, and it’s pronounced here in Houston, according to new Zillow analysis of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data. The numbers are hardly encouraging: although mortgage applicants in the Bayou City are denied

Houston new construction continues to fall behind in 2016

The Houston area’s new construction market continues to struggle this year, according to research from Dodge Data & Analytics. In September, Houston saw more than $671 million in total residential construction spending, a 20 percent decline from Sept. 2015. Even more, the Bayou City’s year-to-date construction spending

Greater Houston’s 10 fastest-selling markets

In which Greater Houston neighborhood and suburb did homes sell the fastest in the third quarter 2016? Utilizing our REAL DATA 2016 report, we took a deeper look at the market trends and put together the following table to give

Student debt remains huge obstacle for thousands of Houston buyers

Few cities are more affected by the problems of student debt than Houston, according to a new LendingTree analysis. Based on data from My LendingTree, the Bayou City has one of the highest average student debt burdens in the country at $27,921.39. Our chart

The 10 biggest challenges for real estate firms in 2016

Last week, we reported on NAR’s “Profile of Real Estate Firms,” an exhaustive look at the composition of today’s realty businesses and a projection of where they are heading. Our first report looked at the state of real estate firms

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