Home Staging Can Give Realtors a Competitive Edge

by Houston Agent

Kathy Strader stages properties throughout Houston with Memorial Staged Homes.

Most Realtors believe that Home Staging works but are hesitant to suggest staging to their clients. Sometimes it is because they are afraid of suggesting the seller spend more money preparing the house for sale, some do not want to suggest staging for fear of offending them. Still others believe the house they’ve listed is too small to make home staging practical. The fact is; it is a rare house that would not benefit from staging.

When a Realtor uses home staging as a marketing tool in their listing presentation, it can really give them a competitive edge. There are several ways to do this. Start by forming a relationship with a home stager. Any stager will happily put together information and help you understand the process, benefits and costs so you can discuss home staging with your seller.

Another option for helping a seller understand the benefits of home staging is putting your money where your mouth is. Imagine the impact of offering staging to your client at your expense. This option need not break the bank. Most stagers will offer a discounted rate to agents who use them on a regular basis.

Some agents offer a complimentary staging report to their clients. The stager visits the house, and writes down everything the seller should do to stage the house themselves. Other agents offer to pay for the first hour or two of home staging services. It definitely tells the seller you believe in home staging if you are willing to foot part of the bill.

Why not take a home stager with you on your listing presentation? Sometimes your seller will be more receptive to an expert that knows all the answers to their staging questions. A skilled home stager knows how to make an agent look good.

Whatever you do, work with your stager in co-branding and marketing activities that will result in more listing appointments. The house you list will stand out from the competition and will likely sell faster. You win and your client wins.

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