The 5 Traits of Really Likable Agents

by Peter Thomas Ricci

All real estate agents set out to be well-liked by their clients, but what traits, specifically, do likable agents share?

Likability is an important quality to have when you’re a real estate agent. Likable agents get along with their clients; likable agents work well with other agents, and benefit their clients as a result; and finally, likable agents are memorable, and receive referrals from their clients for – you guessed it – their likability.

What specific qualities, though, are at the root of likability? Here are five:

1. Awesome Availability – It’s the Internet age, and with smartphones, we’re more connected than at any time in our species’ history; yet, even in admitting that, we still (astoundingly) hear about agents who do not answer their phone or respond to emails. Clearly, likability stems from one’s responsiveness, and if you’re not returning your clients’ messages, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll hold a favorable opinion towards you.

2. Total Dependability – Likability also stems from performance, and whether or not the client feels they can depend on you to get the job done. So, show that you are engaged in the process, and avoid making grand promises that you can’t keep. Saying, for instance, that you can sell a listing in a week may be a tall order to fill.

3. Great Flexibility – We chat with likable top producers all the time for our magazine, and we’re always struck by how darn flexible their schedules are. Whether its the weekend, a holiday, or deep into the evening, truly successful (aka, likable) agents are always around for their clients, and are able to adjust their schedules accordingly.

4. Genuine Positivity – We mentioned earlier to avoid overly positive promises, but that doesn’t mean you should be a Negative Nancy. Rather, be optimistic in a genuine, realistic way. Positive emotions can be quite uplifting to those around you, and given the stress that often accompanies a housing transaction, there will be plenty of demand for such emotions!

5. True Compassion – Finally, though there are plenty of financials and contracts involved, homebuying is more of an emotional process than anything else. After all, a home purchase is the single largest transaction in someone’s life, and will no doubt define many aspects of that person’s life in the ensuing years. Therefore, it’s imperative that you be compassionate to those emotions, and that you relate and empathize with your client.

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  • Laurie lujan says:

    Yes. Most complains. Are not. Returning calls. Or emails. Shame on those agents I can’t even get a hold of. Them me self. Sometimes when I am the buyers. Agent. ? With. Cell. Phones. I pads. Etc. there is no reason for this

  • Janet Escobar says:

    It is a fact, real estate is not “just a job” but a way of life. Service and our knowledge of the industry are what we have to bring to the table. I don’t believe in being a doormat and there have been some potential clients that I have walked away from because that was what they expected. But, generally, the public wants to know that you care and that they can depend on you.

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