The Short List: Laura Hill’s Top Ways For Agents to Distinguish Themselves

by James McClister


Laura Hill is a Realtor with RE/MAX Cinco Ranch working in Katy.

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Laura Hill, a Realtor with RE/MAX Cinco Ranch. 

6. The first thing I always tell my potential clients is my business philosophy is so much more than about real estate; it’s about helping your life and dreams of buying a new home or selling their home come true by providing communication, service and solutions. In short, I stop and remember who will be living in the home. Their needs come first, not a paycheck!

5. I provide comprehensive services to meet each of my client’s unique needs, but above all is communication and information. My passion is to inform, educate and deliver timely information to my clients in order for them to make the best possible decision in any given scenario. I feel that it is my responsibility to be well-educated in real estate matters, so that I am able to provide the best information to my clients.

4. My service is an environment where creating long lasting relationships and partnerships with my clients is priority ONE, because my goal is their success. I practice proactive management by working directly with my clients, providing the scope, client financial prerequisites, contracts, timelines and minimal and critical deadlines for each property. I inform my clients with what they NEED to know to produce the best results for themselves, not what I think they want to hear. Remember your clients are not a number; they are people that have needs and dreams and you can be a part of getting them a little closer to that better life if you only take the time.

3. My solutions are innovative, financially sound, expertly utilized, cost-effective and always on time. One of my critical keys for my client’s solutions is I LISTEN to them with context sensitivity, because I know how critical and important my client’s needs and goals are for every property for sale or to buy. Sometimes real estate standards do not fit your client needs, so you have to think out of the box and build a personalized solution – and you can only do that through education.

2. My approach through the buying or selling process is “hands on,” which means I walk my clients through each step of the process, which can be complex. Having an expert, like myself, to inform and guide clients through it all is comforting, and I always keep the best interest of my clients first and foremost. Buying or selling a home can be scary for most people, and the unknown is the monster that destroys relationships with your clients. Communicate with your clients!

1. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I pride myself on consistently and precisely hitting properties’ buying or selling target numbers. It’s all a matter of knowing the past and current market, as well as utilizing the comparative market analysis and realty tools available. When “priced correctly,” it’s the difference between closing the deal in 10 days versus 100. My track record shows these successful numbers and stands as testament to my relentless study of market trends, the economic areas of town and my attention to detail. For agent unfamiliar how to use a CMA, learn it, don’t just guess. If this was the home you were buying or selling, you would want to know the real numbers. This is where your clients are depending on you to get it right.

Laura Hill is a lifelong native of Houston, presently in Katy. Prior to real estate, she worked as a GIS analyst, handling maps, data and numbers, which transition well into the industry. She works constantly on her own website, www.localkatyrealty.com, and is currently a Realtor for RE/MAX Cinco Ranch.

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  • Lance Leroy says:

    Awesome information. It’s really nice to hear for a change that there is a realtor who really looks out for the customers. It’s people like you that make life a little easier for us and we can breath & relax knowing that we are in good hands.

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