Viewpoints: Brooks Ballard, President, Engel & Völkers Houston, Houston

by James McClister


Brooks Ballard is the president of Engel & Völkers Houston.

Every week, we ask a Houston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top three stories from the week before. This week, we spoke with Brooks Ballard, the president and licensed partner of Engel & Völkers Houston. 

Houston Agent (HA): What is it about Houston’s market that prompted
Engel & Völkers to set up shop in the city?

Brooks Ballard (BB): Houston is international and the Engel & Völkers client is here. Engel & Völkers is truly international. It’s a privately owned real estate company with offices in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. Our shop will also help draw attention to the Huston market throughout our international network.

HA: What does Engel & Völkers offer Realtors that other brokerages don’t? In the same vein, what does the company offer luxury clients that other brokerages don’t?

BB: Engel & Völkers offers Realtors the chance to belong to a truly international brand with world-class marketing systems and tools that connect Engel & Völkers’ shops worldwide in both consistency and technology. The 6,000 professional in 39 countries who represent Engel & Völkers are all committed to the same core values of competence, exclusivity and passion.

Engel & Völkers also offers protected territories that each advisor develops with and support business in their markets. E & V only hires the best, and once the shops and the territories are covered, it then becomes a waiting list for future interviews. This also happens if a territory becomes available in the market.

The clients of E & V experience the level of professionalism they deserve and are accustom to. E & V’s marketing system is unique and has a worldwide reach. The Private Office collections and our exclusive GG magazine sets the stage for distinctive properties with distinctive clients. Our worldwide MLS allows us to market luxury homes directly to buyers. We are the lifestyle and culture our clients desire and we support them in all their real estate, aviation and luxury yacht purchases through the Engel & Völkers companies.

HA: Planning to expand from 22 agents to 75 by 2016 is a big step. What is it that makes you so confident in Houston’s ability to sustain itself as a top market when inventory is so low and the full damages of oil price drops are likely still months away?

BB: Houston is growing. Engel & Völkers plans to grow with the Houston and Woodlands markets. In order to provide our clients and our territories the service they desire, we will interview and hire only the best advisors in these markets.

HA: As Engels & Völkers is a luxury company, are you intending to continue focusing your business strictly on luxury, or is your group willing to service all buyers and sellers (or are you targeting specific sub-markets)?

BB: We offer a premium level of service at any price point. We are a service oriented brand and believe in a consistent level of high quality services throughout our network and client base.

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