Accused Beverly Carter Murderer Files Motion to Change Plea to ‘Not Guilty’

by Stella Fanega


Aaron Lewis, the man accused of kidnapping and murdering Beverly Carter in 2014, has filed a motion to change his plea to not guilty, due to mental diseases or defect to a defense of general denial.

Carter was a real estate agent in Arkansas. According to news report from ABC News, Carter had a showing of a foreclosure property on Sept. 25, 2015, to a client she had never met before.

Lewis also filed a separate motion, requesting co-defendent Crystal Lowery to speak with Lewis’ defense team. The proposal states that Lowery permitted a plea agreement to testify against Lewis. Lowery is Lewis’ estranged wife.

Prosecutors are authorized to interview Lowery at Pulaski County Circuit Court, however, the defense team is not permitted to speak to her, in regards to the motion. Stated on court documents, the incapability of speaking to Lowery is known as “a violation of the defendant’s right to due process under the Arkansas and U.S. Constitutions.”

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015, Lewis’ defense team succeeded in getting a judge to dismiss some of the state’s evidence due to illegal search warrants. Currently, they have filed a motion appealing to disregard some exhibits, including, text messages allegedly sent by Lewis and Lowery, along with e-mails and Google records.

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