Jacob Sudhoff


Jacob Sudhoff

Founder and CEO
Sudhoff Companies

Jacob Sudhoff qualified for his real estate license at the age of 18; by his 20s, he was already a power house in Houston real estate. He started as an agent before founding and serving as the CEO of Sudhoff Companies, a firm that partners with builders and developers to make well-researched decisions about development, sales and marketing for new home communities. From site selection to sell-out, Sudhoff and his company provide five tiers of service that essentially function as an extension of the client’s own resources – including land acquisition, builder services, property sales, development services and investment strategies. Using the company’s unique business model and proprietary, data-driven approach, Sudhoff was able to achieve an impressive 60 percent of Houston’s market share in just six years.

Sudhoff’s love for real estate started as an adolescent, when he would ride his bike through neighborhoods and visit open houses. He remembers learning everything he could about the floor plans and features. He always knew he wanted to sell homes, but it wasn’t until he met an international property broker at a horse show that he fell in love with the idea of selling luxury properties. He seized the moment, got his license and was soon selling residential and commercial properties at a successful, independent brokerage in Corpus Christi. Sudhoff really hit his stride when he began working with some of Houston’s finest builders and developers, offering proprietary insights into specific buyer psychographics and demographics, and predicting market trends that would influence the success of any given development.

“I look at every new project as if it were my own personal investment,” says Sudhoff. “Our goal is to do the leg work and free up the builders and developers to do what they do best.” Sudhoff and his passionate, goal-oriented team are committed to creating differentiated communities, keeping the target market at the forefront of every decision. Their strong relationships with clients have a lot to do with their meticulous strategizing of the particulars of urban planning to minimize developer risk. Between consulting, marketing and on-site staffing, Sudhoff’s company also makes it easy for Realtors to bring buyers to any sales center and send them away with all of the knowledge, motivation and confidence they need to move forward.

As for what motivates Sudhoff, it’s simply the job. “I love connecting people with the right resources and turning visions into realities,” says Sudhoff. “There is no better feeling than making a deal happen.” On a personal level, his family is his greatest source of inspiration. He considers himself lucky to be working side by side with his spouse.

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