Harris/Brazoria Counties Less Affordable Than Historic Averages

by Peter Thomas Ricci

A new round of analysis suggests that housing affordability continues to fall by the wayside in the Hoston area.


Creative Commons: Safety Cap, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Webber_House_corner_(Houston,_Texas).JPG

There have been some indicators that the housing affordability situation here in Houston is slipping somewhat, and a new study has provided perhaps the most troubling analysis yet.

In an exhaustive study of 475 U.S. counties, RealtyTrac found that both Harris and Brazoria Counties are now less affordable than their averages from 2000 to 2014 – meaning that if we balance out the soaring marketplace of the boom years, both of those counties are now the less affordable than they’ve been at anytime this century.

In fact, Harris is 12.5 percent less affordable, while Brazoria is 21.4 percent less affordable.

Of course, Harris and Brazoria were hardly alone. RealtyTrac found that 21 percent of the nation’s counties (98 in total) are less affordable than their historic averages, including Los Angeles County, Orange County and Kings County (Brooklyn).

Check out our graph below for some additional perspective:

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