And Houston’s coolest neighborhood is…

by James McClister


Where are the coolest neighborhoods in the U.S.? And are any of them located in Houston?

Real estate brokerage Cushman & Wakefield set out to locate those neighborhoods with its “Cool Streets Report,” and one Houston area – Lower Westheimer/Montrose – made the cut.

Surveying hundreds of real estate professionals throughout the country, Cushman & Wakefield rated neighborhoods with several factors, including: the area’s Millennial population; its level of college education; its walkability; its diversity; and the food, music, and arts scene.

Most importantly, the survey also rated the neighborhoods on a scale of coolness – Lower Westheimer/Montrose was rated “prime hipness”; the crest of a bell curve scale that begins at “edgy cool” and ends at “gone mainstream.”

Here is a detailed chart on the survey’s rankings for Houston’s coolest neighborhood; note that amenities are rated on a scale of one to four, with four being the highest.

Neighborhood Features Lower Westheimer/Montrose
Total Population 91,175
Average Household Income $118,760
% College Educated 83.40%
% Millennials 38.20%
% Renters 54.80%
Walkability 3
Bicycle Friendly 3
Public Transit 1
Diversity 4
Access to Higher Ed 2
Restaurants 4
Nightlife 4
Music Venues 4
Art Scene 4
Vintage/Thrift 4

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