Agent Snapshot: Mia Rivademar, Realtor, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, Spring/Woodlands


Mia Rivedemar is a Realtor for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene in the Spring/Woodlands area

What was your first job in the realty industry?
I started as a Realtor, but I took my time to prepare for it. I didn’t start until I was good and ready.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Mexico.

What is your favorite free-time activity?
I’m a health nut, so I’m passionate about sharing tips I’ve learned about taking care of yourself: exercising, dieting, juicing and doing all of these alternative things. What I enjoy the most is dancing. I spend most weekends salsa dancing.

What do you do to relax when you’re stressed?
There’s no relaxing! There’s just “go, go, go!” The one problem I have is that there’s not enough time. I’m very involved with the community and am constantly turning down invitations because there’s so much to do!

Growing up, what did you want to be?
A TV news anchor.

If you could have lunch with a well-known figure (living or not), who would it be and why?
Jesus and Ghandi. Both inspired the world, and their presence is still felt. I admire the way they live life with peace and harmony.

Where is your favorite place to hang out?
I like to hang out where there is family and friends in a loving, caring, fun and exciting environment, wherever that may be.

What do you love most about the industry?
That I can be myself and express my creativity. I genuinely want to help people. A house is the outer shell of their lives, and I want to capture the essence of who they are and find them the perfect house that reflects their needs.

How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd of agents?
I don’t wake up every morning and say, “How am I going to be different?” I don’t call attention upon myself to tell people to buy from me. That’s not what I’m about. What I want to do is be the center of my family, which every woman is, so I want to take care of my family first, and then by extension take care of others. I want to live a rich, genuine and healthy life. When I do that, and I’m able to expand on not just my family but others. I want to give them what they need, that’s really what I wake up thinking.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?
Time management. I wake up with a million ideas and would like to develop all of them, but there’s never enough time!

Where do you go to network and meet new clients?
Anywhere my life and interests take me. Wherever there’s people I can connect with, I talk to them about what I care about the most. But it’s not really a systematic process.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?
My health.

What was the last good movie you saw or book you read?
“The Fast and Furious.” I’m a die-hard fan of Vin Diesel.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Mia Bella.

What kind of car do you drive?
I drive a Honda CRV. That car is big enough for me to drive large families around to see houses, and for me to carry my staging gear. One of my passions is staging and decorating houses.

Smartphone or Paper?

What is your favorite city after Houston?
San Diego, CA.

What is your advice for someone new to the industry?
Spend more time planning. And once you have a plan, stick to it.

What’s your favorite Real Estate iPhone/ Blackberry app?
HAR, Google Maps.

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