United Real Estate: From 29 to 1,090 Transactions Per Year

by Todd Herskovitz

Dianne Moore

Dianne Moore

United Real Estate is a fast growing real estate company with offices located in five major U.S. cities. This year, they made over 200 million dollars in sales from January through July. The brokerage began as recently as 2011, when they made only 29 sales transactions. This year they managed to make 1,090 transactions, which is a gain of over 3,000 percent, according to the Houston Herald. Part of their success is due to their ability to attract some of the best agents in the United States.

According to Diane Moore, managing broker at United Real Estate Houston, their attractiveness to the best talent in the country is due to the toolsets, training and support offered by United, including powerful marketing programs and technology-based services.

When asked if their extraordinary level of growth could continue, she replied that, “we do believe that we will be capable of sustaining an extraordinary percentage gain for many years to come when compared with our competitors across the nation.” And she continues, “I’m sure that there will be a natural ebb and flow to our growth, however as long as we continue to listen to our agents and the consumers alike, we feel confident that our growth and retention will adjust in a positive fashion, year after year.”

United is growing in part because of its comprehensive franchise solution. Although Moore’s office in Houston is not a franchise model, each of the franchise offices as well as corporate-owned offices are non-competing. And they ensure quality by encouraging and hiring for strong values. “Our values and guiding principles are the basis for our structure, which are comprised of encouraging a positive mental attitude, fiscal responsibility, integrity and excellence.”

United Real Estate uses a 100% commission strategy for rewarding their agents. For all business that is generated by an agent, there is a fee of $295 per transaction plus a $35 E&O premium contribution, and the rest of the commission belongs to them. “We consider this a Freedom model, allowing the agents to find their freedom by being able to take home the majority of their commission while enjoying the tools and support which encourage their freedom to increase and improve upon their own business strategy as a whole.”

As the managing broker is the Houston office, Diane Moore takes her responsibilities seriously. Her goals are to provide a positive culture of “learning, celebrating and strategizing,” to consistently improve the members of her team individually and as a group. She plans to grow “in population as well as production,” and hopes to become a household name in the Houston market.

“I’m incredibly proud to be a part of such an extraordinary company of people and forward thinking ideas, and look forward to my continued contribution to its successes, locally and internationally!”

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