Viewpoints: Amanda Green, Realtor, Keller Williams Luxury Homes International, Houston

by Natalie Terchek


Amanda Green is a Realtor for Keller Williams Luxury Homes International in Houston.

Every week, we ask a Houston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top three stories from the week before.

This week, we talked with Realtor Amanda Green of Keller Williams Luxury Homes International, under Keller Williams Metropolitan. Green is a graduate from the University of Texas and moved to Houston for real estate. Within her first year of working full time, she has earned my certificate and is officially a “Luxury Home Marketing Specialist”. Her listings this year have totaled to $4,079,560 and she is on track to sell over $5 million this year. Green hopes for a 25 percent increase in sales for 2014.

Houston Agent (HA): Have you noticed an increase of home prices in your area? How has it impacted the housing affordability?

Amanda Green (AG): Absolutely, especially this year. As far as housing affordability, it has definitely knocked out a few buyers off the market. At the same time, it puts the majority of buyers in a rush to purchase.

I never know what the market is going to do but if we are predicting based on the last two years, then absolutely. Typically prices level off during the holidays and being to increase at the beginning of the year.  With interest rates on the rise and home values not decreasing in the near future, I always guide by buyers to purchase sooner rather than later.

HA: In your area of Houston, is housing inventory on the rise, or are you still seeing declines? Why do you think that is?

AG: It is definitely still a seller’s market. With that being said, there are more options available now than there were during the summer. There might be a slight decline due to the holiday season as many families choose to not have their home listed during the winter holidays. This will hopefully influence buyers who are on the fence to go ahead and jump in and take advantage of the current inventory as well as the homestead tax breaks by purchasing this year.

I do expect an increase of inventory in the near future as builders are relentlessly constructing homes in the Houston market. I spoke with Tony Williams, owner of Elite Custom Homes for this interview. He is currently building several homes in the Spring/Woodlands area and plans on growing his business throughout the Houston market area with even more new construction homes within the next several years. The demand is there and with builders like this, the inventory will be coming back as well.

HA: Based on what you’ve seen, what were some of the common reasons for home sales? And what does that say about Houston’s housing market?

AG: There are many reasons for people to buy and sell in the Houston market. Many companies have recognized Houston and began building companies here as well as relocating. Exxon for example, is moving tens of thousands of employees to the area. Job relocations, both incoming and outgoing means that Houston’s job market is on the rise and with the influx of population and interests in their areas, Sellers are getting top dollar for their investments.

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