How To Be A Top Producer in Houston

by Natalie Terchek


Success does not come easy. Karapasha has been in the real estate business for 27 years, but her early years in real estate were more focused on her children than her career. It wasn’t until her children were enrolled in school that she was able to dedicate more hours to the real estate business and organically building her client base.

Surratt has been in the real estate business for approximately 30 years, and was fortunate enough to have success when he started. But it was not easy – it took a lot of knowledge, flexibility and time to build his business.

But what sets Surratt, Karapasha and other top producers apart from your average agent? Passion. In order to put this much time and effort into a career, it is clear that they love what they are doing.

“Real estate is a thrilling business, and the people I interact with are amazing,” Surratt says. “I make many new friends in the process of helping them find the perfect home for their family. “Be passionate, and put the clients needs above yours. The success will come!”

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