How To Be A Top Producer in Houston

by Natalie Terchek

Keep Up With Marketing and Technology

In addition to reaching out to clients, it is equally as important for top producers to reach out to consumers through various forms of marketing and technology. Many potential homebuyers start the home searching process online, so it is important to take advantage of all the technology and social media platforms available.

“Today’s technology has made our lives so much better,” Surratt says. “From HAR’s fantastic mobile apps, to Docusign where our clients can sign a contract from their phone – we are ready to conduct business at a moments notice.”

Karapasha does a lot of her marketing through websites, HAR signage and E-blasts to other agents in the area, in addition to a Facebook business page. She holds open houses, but takes it a step further by adding video walk-through tours and professional/aerial photography to her website for potential homebuyers to see.

Even though the Internet is a popular tool, it is important not to disregard other forms of marketing. Surratt tries puts his name and photo in as many places as possible, including magazine advertisements, grocery carts and many non-profit events that benefit Houston. In addition to HAR.com, he lists his properties in newspapers, magazines and regional publications.

Master Time Management

One thing that top producers often struggle with is finding a balance between work and their personal lives. Some agents make themselves so available to clients that they end up working 80 hours a week. And since many people like to look for homes during nights and weekends, it is easy for agents to forget to make time for a personal life.

An effective way for agents to maintain a personal life, in addition to a growing business, is to actually schedule personal/family time into your calendar. Surratt does this by letting his clients know that even though he will make himself available to them, he blocks out 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every night to have dinner with his family.

“Our business has become a 24 hour/7 day a week adventure, but I make it my mission to have dinner every night with my family, and to never miss any of our kids events,” he says. “Having a well balanced home life keeps me grounded for the demands of our business.”

Karapasha says that her time management skills have improved as she matured in the business. She schedules everything on a calendar, booking appointments based on her availability.

“I recommend prioritizing personal obligations along with work obligations,” she says. “Most people are willing to have options when they schedule an appointment. If you have a family obligation, schedule around it if need be. It takes time to find that balance, but setting boundaries for yourself and your time can be a great start in that direction.”

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