Viewpoints: Amber Carrillo, AVP/Territory Manager/Broker Associate, Carrington Real Estate Services, Houston

by Tracey Fuller


Amber Carrillo is the AVP/Territory Manager/Broker Associate for Carrington Real Estate Services in Houston.

Every week, we ask a Houston real estate professional for their thoughts on the top three stories from the week before. This week, we featured Amber Carrillo, AVP/territory manager/broker associate of Carrington Real Estate Services in Houston. Since 2003, Amber has been helping clients negotiate successful real estate transactions in Houston, TX.

Houston Agent (HA): Why do you think the Houston market is so appealing?

Amber Carrillo (AC): Mainly because our cost of living is so low, and other city’s costs have skyrocketed. Our overall economy here has people running towards the jobs, and running towards opportunities that aren’t available in other states.

HA: Because of the decrease in inventory in January, have you seen clients paying more for homes?

AC: Yes! There has been a decrease in inventory for more than a year now, and you’re seeing bidding wars frequently on properties that you would have never seen before. Most recently with one of my clients, we placed a full-price cash offer on a high-rise unit, which was not accepted because they want the highest and best offer.

HA: Will 2014 be mostly a seller’s market?

AC: Yes – we are only in February, and we’re not even into the buying rush. I imagine prices will rise, especially when April hits, and I don’t see it tapering off till next year. It is not difficult for sellers to sell, and if they hit the market at the right price, they will get multiple offers.

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