Jemila Winsey Owner/Broker, RE/MAX Legacy Living Richmond, RE/MAX 1st Class League City

What was your most interesting job before going into real estate? In my early days, I worked as a video jock for a major TV network in Nigeria. 

Growing up, what did you want to be? A medical doctor.
What do you do to relax when you’re stressed? Read, cook, binge-watch episodes of action thrillers and business movies
If you could meet any well-known figure (living or not), who would it be and why? Steve Jobs. His passion for innovation and challenging the status quo is my baseline when it comes to my business decisions.
What is Houston’s best kept secret? The people
What do you love most about the industry? There are no limits. This is the only business where I eat what I kill and there are no limits to what I can hunt and kill.
What is the most difficult aspect of your job? Balance. We become what we do in this business and the more successful you are, finding balance becomes the holy grail.
What’s your best advice for generating new leads? There are leads everywhere; the key is the cadence and consistency of the follow up. The only goal when speaking to a lead is to determine timing. Once you have a lead’s timing, you can determine the cadence and follow up to stay top of mind with them. Finally, you must meet the leads where they are which is online. Video is the No. 1 way to get attention and keep it.
What are you binge-watching/reading/listening to? I started watching “The BlackList” all over again. I am listening to the audio book “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” by Gino Wickman.
What’s your favorite meal in Houston? Fried chicken at Loch Bar with champagne
Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite building in Houston? The Menil Collection
What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on the job? I walked in on a showing that was transformed into a porn studio . . . awwwkward!
What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you? I had a bad stuttering problem as a kid.
What is your favorite vacation spot and why? Anywhere with an amazing beach. I love beauty of the waves and the sea.
In 10 words or less, what is your advice for someone new to the industry? Remove all your limiting beliefs and consistently lead generate.
Who are your favorite people to follow on social media? @thebrokeagent and @thejoshaltman

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