Meeting the 6 Human Needs to Win the Sale: #1 – Certainty

People buy because they believe a product or service will improve their life. In the first of a six-part series, Mary Elliot, national sales trainer for Forrest Performance Group, introduces the most significant need customers are looking to fulfill—certainty.

What to Do in Crucial Sales Moments

In every sale, there are make or break moments where how we handle a particular objection or challenge determines whether we succeed or fail (and whether or not our customers reach the solution they are looking for). Mary Elliot, National Sales Trainer for

How to Make Yourself an Irreplaceable Real Estate Agent to Your Customers

Vendors are easily replaced when a better price or more convenient situation comes along. To make yourself an irreplaceable agent, you must become a trusted partner and advisor. Here’s how: Mary Elliott is a Houston native and graduate of

How to Multiply Your Efforts By Being Everywhere At Once

Learn how to build your own team of sales agents – who know every home, community, and area–so you can grow you business exponentially. Mary Elliott is a Houston native and graduate of the Kinkaid School. Her background includes

Move the Sale Forward by Gaining a Position of Strength

We’ve all had them: phone conversations with our clients that go nowhere. Here is an easy strategy for agents to break this tiring cycle, and gain or maximize a position of strength by establishing your leadership and expertise. Mary

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

With 80,000 agents in Texas alone, you must stand out to build a worthwhile business. Knowing who you are and how you add value to your clients is a way to stand out and get more business. Mary Elliott

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