Broker Wins Appeal Against A&E in ‘Flip This House’ Lawsuit

by Houston Agent

Richard C. Davis, a South Carolina real estate broker with a specialty in flipping homes, won a $4 million court appeal against A&E’s “Flip This House,” a TV series he appeared on during its first season.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals this week upheld a jury verdict in a lawsuit from Davis, who sued the reality TV show claiming they never paid him for half of the show’s revenues from the first season that he claims was an oral contract the network. He claimed breach of contract and fraud in a lawsuit against A&E.

“Flip This House” premiered in 2006 and became popular during the housing boom when flipping homes was more prevalent. Davis claimed that the show was his idea, and also says the network provided him with an oral agreement to split the net revenue from the show in exchange for him developing and appearing on the show. In addition, he says which he says was his idea.

Davis left the show after the first season when the dispute over compensation arose. He then went on to create a similar show, “The Real Estate Pros,” on TLC.

A federal jury court first granted Davis the $4 million in damages for his share of revenue for the first season of “Flip This House” in 2008.

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