Greater Houston by graduation rates: Top high schools in Liberty County

by James McClister

School Days

In the fifth part of our “Greater Houston by Graduation Rates” series, we looked at the top high schools in Brazoria County. For our sixth entry, we give you Liberty County’s best high schools by graduation rates, starting with Hull-Daisetta High School.

See the rest below:

School Name District Name Graduation Rate
Hull-Daisetta H S Hull-Daisetta ISD 100
Dayton H S Dayton ISD 97.7
Aaep (Academic Alternative Education Porgram) Dayton ISD 97.1
Tarkington H S Tarkington ISD 96.4
Hardin H S Hardin ISD 91.9
Liberty H S Liberty ISD 90.3
Cleveland H S Cleveland ISD 85.6
Frederick A Douglass Learning Academy Cleveland ISD 44.8

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