Two Houston towns rank on 100 richest places list

by Claire Brennan


Of the top 100 richest places to live in America, six belong to the state of Texas, and two to the Houston area. The list, compiled by Bloomberg, takes into account data from the 2016 U.S. Census to determine the wealthiest spots for Americans.

While last year’s Bloomberg analysis required a minimum annual income of around $190,000 to live comfortably in an area on the list, this year’s analysis estimates a required salary of about $200,000.

The top ranking Houston-based town was West University Place, coming in at No. 11. The average household income in West University Place in 2016 was $317,665 — a $24,763 (8.5 percent) increase from $292,902 in 2015. 

The other Houston area to make the list was the nearby Bellaire, earning a No. 44 ranking. In Bellaire, the 2016 average household income was $247,367 — up from $239,105 in 2015, marking an $8,262 (3.5 percent) increase. 

Highland Park (Dallas County) was the highest ranking Texas town on the list, coming in at No. 9. In 2016, the average household income in Highland Park was $330,703 — $27,371 and 9 percent higher than the average of $303,332 in 2015. 

Highland Park moved up to the No. 9 spot from No. 14 last year, likely in part due to “a zero state income tax and relatively low overall tax burden,” according to Bloomberg. 

The other Texas towns on the list are: 

  • No. 17: University Park, Texas (Dallas), with an average 2016 household income of $286,107 — a $25,610 (9.8 percent) increase from $260,497 in 2015. 
  • No. 40: Southlake, Texas (Denton), where in 2016 the average household income was $252,415, up $9,386 (3.9 percent) from $243,029 in 2015. 
  • No. 81: Colleyville, Texas (Tarrant), where the average household income in 2016 was $209,259 — up $1,821 (0.9 percent) from $207,438 in 2015. 

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