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What to Know About FHA’s Recent Changes

President Obama and the FHA recently announced that it would reduce its mortgage insurance premium from 1.35 to 0.85, which makes FHA loans even more affordable. The FHA, which is overseen by HUD and insures mortgages with down payments

Tips From Top Producers

What would your advice be to your younger, rookie agent self, now that you’re a top producer? Diane Mireles, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene: “Take your clients seriously, and look at every transaction as a lifelong relationship. This means

Profile of an Agent: Average Agent vs. Average Top Producer
Earning Top Ranks: The Making of a Top Producer

When Karen Karapasha arrived in Houston from Louisiana with her family in 1991, she had no inkling that she would eventually become one of the city’s top real estate professionals, doing $83 million in transactions in 2014. She had

Get Ready for the 2015 Market

The fourth quarter of 2014 ended with oil prices at their lowest levels in several years, a fact that has not yet been reflected in Houston’s real estate market. Sissy Lappin of Lappin Properties has seen this happen before.

2015 Predictions

Anxious to find out what’s next for real estate in 2015? Trends have been slow to emerge and the market has been incrementally improving each year, 2013’s market was very similar to 2014’s market; it doesn’t feel like much

Back to Basics: Top Professionals’ Advice For Struggling Agents

Getting a career going in real estate can be tough, and even established agents can have a hard time reaching their goals and maintaining their success. My Castle Realty owner and broker Gary Bisha has seen new agents and

Who’s No. 1 in Houston: A Look at Agent and Brokerage Advertising

Real estate is a competitive profession. And while there are any number of occupations that may, rightfully, make a similar claim, hardly any industry is as dedicated to leveraging those positions of prominence as explicitly as those in real

The Best In Real Estate Tech

Technology is ever-changing – one minute, an app or software program is hot, the next, it’s out of date. It’s hard enough for agents to keep up with the latest in tech, so our panel of real estate professionals

New On The Scene: 9 Fresh Apps That You Should Consider

Technology is ever-changing, particularly in the app market, where new products constantly provide new dimensions to our professional or recreational lives. So with that in mind, we decided to spotlight nine relatively new apps for real estate agents that

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