The Short List: Eija Watson’s Strategies for Finding Clients the Perfect Homes

by Tracey Fuller


Eija Watson is the Owner/Agent of Houston-Luxury Properties in Houston

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Eija Watson, Owner/Agent of Houston-Luxury Properties, about her strategies for finding clients the perfect homes.

I sometimes get accused of asking too many questions with new clients. I learned over the years from some of the best people in their fields, whether they be doctors or auto mechanics, to ask as many questions as it takes to get to the root cause, or in my case, the ideal home for my client. Here are my strategies to assist your clients in getting them in the home and neighborhood that meets or exceeds their expectations.

3. Get to know your client Get to know the individual. Find out generally about them, their family, how much they know about Houston and the surrounding area. Once this information is out on the table, it allows me to help my clients to do the necessary soul searching as to what they are truly looking for in a new home, versus what would be nice to have.

2. Assist them in the formalized decision making process- It really is about taking what is in their minds and building their perfect house from the ground up. My job is to get as much detail as possible to assure that my clients are able to find their perfect home and not waste their time going to places they really don’t have an interest in.  First, I start with the basics: “what do you like about where you are living now?” and “what is it you are wanting to change with the move?”. Secondly, I try to find out what type of neighborhood they are looking for or do they have one in mind. And third, what is their price range and do they understand what type of home they are getting in that price range. The worst thing that I can do from a Realtor’s standpoint is set unrealistic expectations of what they can get for their money.

1. Finding their dream home- Once we have the foundation of the home established, it becomes my job and the job of any good Realtor to extract all the thoughts and ideas they have about their next dream home. This is where the dozens and dozens of questions come in to assure that I have gotten as much information about their potential new home. In some ways, I feel like an architect building the home for them. Once I have all of this information, my job becomes that of matchmaker, taking all of these ideas and matching them with what is available on the market, new or used.

Eija Watson is the owner/agent of Houston-Luxury Properties in Houston, and has over 14 years experience in the real estate industry. She is bi-lingual and has also worked as a real estate professional in Europe. Eija’s access to the vast global marketplace and state of-the-art marketing tools enables her to provide her clients with the most innovative marketing exposure possible.

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